.Mike Burns (Blue Man Group)
Did you take any lessons growing up? (guitar or other)
Yes. I had two guitar instructors: Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses, Thin Lizzy, etc) and Duke Michalak. He was Rich’s instructor that I started taking from when Rich’s band at that time (Pale Divine) got signed and left town. Duke is kind of the guitar guru of St.Louis
. He’s incredible.
What impact did that have on you as a musician?
When I started with Duke, it pretty much opened up the fingerboard to me and helped me put names to what I had been doing by ear up to that point.

Perry Thebeau
...before you expire on this
earth...play, discuss and enjoy music and life with Florian Michalak (DukeGuitar), whatever
it takes.
A true measurement of the diverse, intrinsic and intangible value
you will receive from knowing DukeGuitar (Florian) is impossible. However, I assure
you first hand that your experience with Duke will be positively life-changing.

With Duke, you receive 100 fold of what you invest, and the quality of music
content and interaction from/with Duke is the pinnacle of music experience.

...silence & space with musical integrity, interactive listening and chord
tones...and knowing how & when to break all musical rules as you wish...are
concepts and (some of) the essence of Florian Michalak.

I encourage you to
now pick up your instrument and play, reflect on what you have created---then
interact and create with Duke to further enable and expand musical experiences
and possibilities, as desired.

The results I have from doing this are some
of the most valuable things I possess, which I continually enjoy daily and now
also share with others.

June 22, 2013, Perry was DukeGuitar's client

Reddit.com - Guitar Lessons ? Jerome Dixon
He is a great teacher who knows his stuff, theory and practical. He has a really nice studio in Crestwood. He has backing tracks and a really nice system to play through. He also knows a ton of musicians that he can generally hook you up with if you need someone to play with. He is also a really nice guy.

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